News: Gameweek 1 - Euro Club Index

Posted by FlipjeTiel on 2018-08-09.

Each week we will analyse the upcoming Premier League gameweek by looking into Euro Club Index odds in comparison to the book makers.

The Euro Club Index is an index of the strenght of football clubs from which match odds are created. Each individual team is ranked based on a number of criteria. The difference in ranking between the clubs results in an estimated outcome for a Home, Draw or Away result. 

These results are compared against the bookmakers odds to see whether or not their model is in line. We will highlight the differences and analyse the outcomes themselves.

First of all we take the odds from the Euro Club Index

We compare these odds against the odds at Betfair.

and we then look at the differences between the two

where the differences are

- white 0 - 1%

- orange 1 - 2%

- yellow 2 - 4%

- light green 4 - 8%

- dark green > 8%

From this we can conclude that there are some differences between the bookmakers and the Euro Club Index. Nevertheless, in general the bookmakers and the Euro Club Index seem to agree on the direction. 

We hope this comparison could give you some more insight in the possible outcomes for gameweek 1 of the Premier League. Can you do better? Fill in your own prediction online. Good luck!