News: Gameweek 3 - Reflecting on the gameweek (Premier League)

Posted by FlipjeTiel on 2018-08-29.

While Aguer0 disappointed and consequently Man City lost their first points of the season to the Wolves (1-1), Salah came to the rescue for L1verp0ol vs. Br1ght0n (1-0). Also Hazard delivered with a start and goal for Chelsea in a vital away win at Newcastle (1-2), which they hadn't managed in the last 6 Premier League seasons. Cardiff is still struggling to score (0-0 against Huddersfield), while the Hornets (Watford) are absolute buzzing with another solid win, making it 3 matches, 3 wins. Arsenal finally managed to get their first three points of the season in against West Ham. Redcharlison used its head in the wrong way and was sent off, while Everton drew against Bournemouth. It was definitely not a saintsational day for Southampton as they lost to Leicester (1-2). Mitrovic took Fulham by the hand to lead them to their first victory (4-2 vs. Burnley) and finally the curse for Tottenham has been broken, as they scored for the first time since new years day 2014 at Old Trafford and also took home the win. 

However, the most important question is, could we predict any of these results? Spoiler alert: the answer is "yes". Below you can find the predictions made by the We Predict community. Indicated in green are the results that we predicted correctly.

We predicted the results for 6 out of 10 games correctly. And even had a unanimous decision for two games (Arsenal vs. West Ham United and Liverpool vs. Brighton). Good stuff! but did we do better than our Expert, the Historical & Statistical Analysis and the Euro Club Index?

The Expert

Our Expert predicted 1 result correctly (Home win of Arsenal) and had the number of goals for West Ham United and for Newcastle spot on. This would have given him 13 out of 45 points following our own rating system, see Game Rules.

Historical & Statistical Analysis

The Historical & Statistical Analysis predicted 4 correct results (Home, Draw or Away), 1 correct outcome and 7 correct number of Home or Away goals. This would have given us 49 out of 150 points following our own rating system, see Game Rules. 

The Euro Club Index

Finally the Euro Club Index gives us 5 correctly predicted results.

To conclude we can say that this gameweek the We Predict community has done the best job. Good stuff! Let's see if we can do even better next week. Let's Predict Together!