News: Gameweek 2 - Premier League - Historical Analysis

Posted by FlipjeTiel on 2018-08-17.

The Premier League has kicked off and all of our predictions for the first gameweek turned out to be correct. For our second gameweek we will again consider 10 years of historical Premier League data and draw conclusions from it. Hope this will help you to fill in your own predictions.

First of all the results from the last 10 years, where "-" means that either of the teams was not playing in the Premier League.


From this we make 5 predictions

1) Burnley will beat Watford and keep a clean sheet.

In the last 2 seasons Burnley has beaten Watford twice at home in the Premier League. In both cases they kept a clean sheet.

2) Everton will not lose from Southampton.

In the last 6 seasons Everton has not lost a single Premier League home game against Southampton.

3) Tottenham will beat Fulham

Tottenham has lost only once in their last 6 home encounters in the Premier League against Fulham. However, the last time they played against each other was in 2013/2014.

4) Chelsea will not lose from Arsenal

In the last 6 seasons Chelsea has not lost a single Premier League home game against Arsenal.

5) Crystal Palace vs. Liverpool will result in 3 or more goals

In the last 5 seasons, every Premier League home game of Crystal Palace against Liverpool ended with a total of three goals or more. Liverpool won the last three encounters.